Book Two, Chapter Four — The Doorway

October 11th, 2018.

I went to work full of energy and exhausted all the same. It was a cold, long night-shoot but I powered through. On my way home at 6am, I texted Mystery Man. “I’m just getting home now. So tired, but can’t sleep. Don’t know what to do with myself.” He answered two hours later, while I was asleep, saying: “Damn, I missed my potential morning BJ?”

I woke up to read those words around 11am, because my body was like “Daytime BITCH!” I sent him a video of me rolling around in bed naked as a response, because I’m classy like that.

MM: Mmmmmmmmmm

C: Hehe come help 😉

MM: I wish.. Running around all day with meetings. I do want to walk in on you… I want no cock play from you.. I want to walk in and lick your pussy while you watch porn. Mmmm

C: Mmmm.

Also, WHAT!?!? This is his fantasy?? Have I won the lottery or what??

After a few more wordy messages pertaining to all kinds of voyeuristic scenarios, he finally sent:

MM: So…. How would I get in while you’re in bed?”


After exchanging some logistical messages, I was already wet as fuck.

MM: Send me your address… and quite possible around 12.15-12.30pm something may happen.


I put on Erika Lust’s XConfessions Vol. 15 and some loud music. I faced away from the door, as instructed. While I was enthralled by a group scene, I moved to get my womanizer more on point and in that swift motion caught a large shadow in my doorway from the corner of my eye. I swear I didn’t hear him come in at all, just as he had hoped. As soon as my brain registered his presence, my heartbeat accelerated to unprecedented speeds. He walked up to me, and knelt at my bedside. His large hands softly caressed my body, from my neck to my toes.

“By the way, your neighbours can totally hear every noise coming from here. I could hear you while I stood outside, enjoying the anticipation.”

Shit. I turned up the music, turned down the porn, and couldn’t give less of a fuck about my moans… I buried my head in a pillow, and propped up my ass. He dove in head first. I couldn’t quite decipher what was hands, what was tongue, what was vibrator… He played as a child given the keys to the castle. I have used the expression worshipping sexually before, but I think this, this was my first real worship. I wanted to explode. My body was entirely convulsing, while his hands kept my thighs from choking him. His fingers went in and around, while his mouth danced around my vulva.

When I eventually signalled that I couldn’t take it anymore, lying there in a puddle of myself, he licked his lips, and stroked my ass and thighs for a few minutes, before getting off his knees, and turning for the door. I hesitated, unsure of my ability to follow his rules and even more unsure of my legs’ ability to function. Nevertheless, I caught up just before he opened the front door to French kiss the shit out of his face. I wanted so badly to give back, I wanted so badly to suck his dick and make him cum the way I just had. He quickly picked me up off of my knees, kissed my face holding it with both his hands, and said, “No, I told you. I want this to be about you.” And so I let him go.


I was laying in bed for 40 minutes when I finally gave up on attempting to sleep. I was exhausted and sleep deprived, but high on adrenaline. High on him. It was a sunny day outside, so I decided to get off my butt and go for ice cream. I strolled down to a local parlour, picked two flavours, and set off to sit in my bliss by a log. The wind was blowing. It was chilly for early October, but the sun hit my leather jacket in that delightful way. I sat there, feeling the air and listening to music, enjoying the incredible simplicity of rippling orgasms followed by fior di latte. I had a cigarette sneakily, praying the cops wouldn’t see me, but kinda not giving a fuck either.

My phone buzzed.

FF: Hey gorgeous. What are you up to?

It was the firefighter. I hadn’t heard from him in a few weeks.

C: Not much, just having ice-cream at the beach.

FF: I’m just coming back into town after being away on the coast. Wanna come over and take a shower with me?

My phone had 4% of battery left when I received that message. I had to make an instant decision. I mean I didn’t get to play with the penis in my bed this morning. Firefighter was a close second when it comes to having been gifted a beautiful package.

C: I’ll be there in 10.

FF: Yes! The door will be unlocked as per usual.

The last time I had seen him, I was blindfolded for the first hour… I hadn’t seen him in a year. It could have been anyone if it wasn’t for his voice. It was kinky and hot, and I mean he is a fucking beautiful human. When he eventually took the blindfold off, I was like, remind again why my eyes were closed at all??? A little shower could be a good time, especially considering I was still bathing in my own juices…

I walked in and he pulled me in by my little waist. He was 6’7. It was the season of tall men it seems. He waddled still tangled in me to the shower, turned the water on, and started to undress me. No talk needed, just physical attraction. We had the perfect height differential for shower sex. His long, shiny and rock hard cock would hit me deep, as he pulled at my hair, and the hot water glided all over my back.  He eventually turned the water off and carried me to bed. The want in his eyes and his perfect physique were too much for my tired body to bear. We came at the same time.


I walked home with my hair wet… As I started walking, I almost taped an Instagram story because it was still a beautiful day but then, why would my hair be wet? What if Mystery Man sees it? I know now that he would have probably high-fived me for the unlikely two-a-day on three hours of sleep. But let’s not rely on hindsight here.

I strutted in the sunshine through my new neighborhood and let my head be full and vacant all at once. Maybe it wasn’t Antibes after all.

Maybe I carry the magic with me now.