Media & Guest Posts

I figured I need to start putting together a page of all the external links to the amazing people I work with, write with, speak to.

So here are the links to my posts & interviews everywhere else on the net!

  • The super smart Tara Padua had me on her NextFem podcast for an episode about Being Real Without Being A Hot Mess. Check out her website for more podcast episodes with women leaders and resources!
  • I was fortunate enough to be featured as a guest blogger by fellow sex blogger and author – She’s wicked! She runs Eroticon and you can check out her books on Amazon.  Here’s my guest post: How writing about my sex life lead to better sex
  • interviewed me on her amazing website and i’m so excited to share her wicked smart questions with you!!! Check out my answers and travel tips here.
  • Woman on Top reviewed my book! Check out the realllly lovely things Nell had to say about #Justbadtiming here! (also, follow her on Instagram, she nails it.)
  • Here is my submission to 1888Center’s Why We Write project, a roadshow which will be taking authors’ texts around Orange County soon! This is why I write.
  • I am also the Wednesday Gal for a collective called Real Time Radical. Check out our youtube channel, twitter feed and instagram page! Let’s make real, radical change happen, now.

The links to my podcast guests are on the podcast!