Running Wild With Christine:

Sex, Success and Other Slippery Rabbit Holes.

A sex-positive, intersectional & inclusive podcast about life.

Why a podcast, you ask? 

Well, as per my recent pattern, all of my good ideas come from Tinder dates. This one comes from a really good Tinder date. This guy was the person I chose to sleep with the night after my launch party for the book. You may have heard about him in my Instagram stories, because he seduced me with his incredible looks (think Tom Hardy) and philosophy references (he said my writing was the sexiest/frankest approach to philosophy he’d seen in a while: “stoicism through the exploration of pleasure”). I mean, come on!

Before we got under the sheets though (more on that soon), we drank some wine and chatted about life and about craving more creativity in our lives. I talked about my frustration regarding censorship and promoting a memoir which has a lot of sex in it! He told me to look into podcasting. “It’s one of the only profitable media out there, if you get good traction, and also you don’t have to face the panic of choosing one unique position on each topic, as you might do in writing,” he said looking into my eyes. I swooned, you get me hot guy. He was right. I love the fact that podcasts give you the opportunity to express yourself on a broader spectrum than traditional op-ed’s or articles about particular topics do. Here I get to contradict myself and enjoy it! So, without further ado, here it is! It’s lots of work, but I am loving it, so I hope you enjoy it.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pitch in! Let me know if you have questions, if you have comments, if you wanna come talk to me, what you want to hear from me!

I’m all yours, as always.

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