Media & Guest Posts

I figured I need to start putting together a page of all the external links to the amazing people I work with, write with, speak to.

So here are the links to my posts & interviews everywhere else on the net!

  • The super smart Tara Padua had me on her NextFem podcast for an episode about Being Real Without Being A Hot Mess. Check out her website for more podcast episodes with women leaders and resources!
  • I was fortunate enough to be featured as a guest blogger by fellow sex blogger and author – She’s wicked! She runs Eroticon and you can check out her books on Amazon.  Here’s my guest post: How writing about my sex life lead to better sex
  • interviewed me on her amazing website and i’m so excited to share her wicked smart questions with you!!! Check out my answers and travel tips here.
  • Woman on Top reviewed my book! Check out the realllly lovely things Nell had to say about #Justbadtiming here! (also, follow her on Instagram, she nails it.)
  • Debbie Roche had me on her wicked podcast Uncomfortable to talk about my first play party and how it all went down! Listen to Episode 9: What to Expect at a Sex Party here!
  • Here is my submission to 1888Center’s Why We Write project, a roadshow which will be taking authors’ texts around Orange County soon! This is why I write.

The links to my podcast guests are on the podcast!