What are Chapters for Book Two about? 

As you can see if you peruse through the blog, you will now start seeing posts relating to an elusive Book #2!

These are recent or current episodes, which happen to mark me, as the ones for the first book did. Whilst writing the full version of Just Bad Timing, I realized the strength of it, the little extra bit, came from those snapshots of my memories and my thoughts of the events as they occurred. The posts you read, they stayed fixed in time, relating only the knowledge I had at the time. Playing with my past self, and essentially becoming my own hindsight-ed voice, was an extremely sobering and educational experience. And hopefully, the main source of humour in the book!  I want to be able to keep a record of the reasons, the feelings, the excuses I make for myself, as I go along this life’s winding road. I do hope you enjoy them, and that they keep you enthralled for more!

Yours as always,