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Let’s rephrase this: it is not a “Love Story”. There are enough of those already.

JBT is a story about love, in all its forms. The love for far-flung friends and frustrating family, the love of getting lost in time zones and bottles of rosé. And yes, maybe it’s about a guy, or twelve,  but who’s counting?

In her snappy memoir, first-time author Christine Wild lays bare her thoughts, misadventures and raucous trysts, trying to make some sense of it all. She pours us a glass and invites to take a seat and a scalpel to her life. Together we look at it, this and that way, in all its glory, its messiness, its absurdity.

Drunk on possibilities, we follow Wild’s thoughts on post-modernism, her mistakes and her raucous trysts, from Vancouver to the Balkans, via the French Riviera, in an often hilarious personal quest for meaning.

Wild’s exploration of intimacy and modern relationships in the age of Tinder, the gig-economy and major FOMO has us asking: What do  real “love” and “success” entail? How do we navigate the expectations we set for ourselves while carrying the weight of expectations others set for us? Why does “settling down” too often feel like “settling for”?

Sometimes mayhem won’t be controlled. Making the right call doesn’t always feel right at all. Wild knows this, but if there’s one thing she’s great at, it’s facing the music and dancing to it with abandon.

#justbadtiming was officially released of March 8th, 2018!

You can now buy your paperback copy on Amazon US, Amazon EU, Amazon CA, Amazon UK and pretty much anywhere else!

You can order your digital copy on Amazon, Kobo and iBooks.

It is now also available on Audible as an Audio Book! 


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