Why I Write & Podcast News

Hello Lovers!

Firstly! Below is my submission to 1888Center’s Why We Write project, a roadshow which will be taking authors’ texts around Orange County soon! Check it out!

Secondly, I am currently recording a podcast! It shall be called Running Wild with Christine: Sex, Success and other Slippery Rabbit Holes! If you want to submit questions, themes or be part of an episode, please email! I want to hear from you!

(Also, Book Two – Chapter Two is in the works, I promise to get it to you ASAP! )

Why do I write? That’s a pretty meta question to write about. Well, I used to to think writing was an artistic outlet. I quickly realized, as many before me have said, that it was actually a need, a coping mechanism. That writing though, that’s the one only I see, because only I would understand the gibberish that comes out of need. Selfishly, it makes me feel less alone. It’s like the screen has to listen to me read the words I am typing in my head. But I don’t think that’s what people want to know.

When people ask why you write, they really want to know why they should read whatever you wrote. What was your intention when letting other people into your little messed up head? That’s how I perceive it anyway, because the need itself is fulfilled by putting words on paper. So why bother publishing or trying to get any kind of exposure? Just write a journal for yourself and call it done.

I believe the questioning really relates to the intention of being read. What have you got to say and why do you want people to pay attention?

The answer is actually pretty simple (for me anyway). It’s because I want people to think, to talk, to engage. I want to make people uncomfortable. I want my book to serve as a talking springboard from which people can engage in deeply personal conversations with their loved ones when society might not usually give them a safe space to do so.

Too often, I find we don’t talk about our most vulnerable parts. We engage in unhealthy, competitive relationships with the people around us, through social media and assumptions. That deeply saddens me.

So I write, to practice what I preach. I try to write my truest, most raw self, expose all that’s ugly, pretty, soft, hard or fluid about myself, in an attempt to welcome vulnerability as a strength. Sharing isn’t caring; sharing is needed.

I fear that if we don’t start actually investigating our true selves, with all our flaws and contradictions, this world will truly be screwed. I want to hear about your asexuality in a sexualised world, your want for traditionalism amidst the rise of non-conventionalism, your feminist need to fuck as many people as possible in your lifetime, whatever your story may be. I know very well everyone faces their own contradictions in the too-oft silent confines of their souls, and I want to change that. So I start with myself. (And yes, writing a memoir is also a cheap but brutal form of therapy.)

I write to feel, and to keep my heart open. I write for those tempted to close their hearts, so that if they fall upon my words, maybe they’ll be the stop needed to keep the door ajar.

Thanks for still reading, I promise new steamy episodes ASAP!

Also, if you’ve purchased Just Bad Timing in the months that it’s been out: THANK YOU!!!! I would love to hear your thoughts, read your reviews, see your insta posts, hear your fave parts, or your least favorite parts for that matter. Get in touch! Let’s talk.

Regarding the podcast, if you’ve made it this far in the post, you’ll be pleased to learn I’m taping episodes with Amy (whom you might have met in the book), with Girl on the Net, with Anity Cassidy (fabulous writer of Appetite), and some more amazing guests. First episodes will be out Friday, April 20th on most podcast medium, details to come!

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