Things Are Getting So Real

When you try vlogging, but you’re a writer.

Here’s the little cover reveal video that I taped for your amusement. I hope you are enjoying the site as it is growing. Thank you for sticking around if you’ve been a long-time follower.

I really hope you join me on this path towards success as a published author. The words still sounds weird coming out of my mouth. “I’m a published author.” Thank fuck I have just over three weeks to practice!

As you will notice, you can now join our mailing list to be kept in the loop regarding the upcoming launch of Just Bad Timing in an undisclosed London location on March 8, as well as our Avant-Premiere Party in Geneva, Switzerland. Details to follow.

For all things JBT, please share your email address with me; I promise I won’t spam. Or follow me on the social icons above. I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on the book, so do not hesitate to pre-order your digital copies on Amazon and Kobo now.

Seriously, let’s make it to the other side of this #selfpublishing craziness, so we can all enjoy more adventures, wine and written words.

All of my sincerest love,